Friday, June 15, 2012

T-Minus 9 days

It has been awhile but I am writing this as a "current state of affairs" so in the future I will have a reference point in my training and preparation, plus it will update the few of you that have read this in the past.

Today is Friday 6/15.  The race is one week from Sunday.

I am within a few pounds of my race weight.  My bike was checked out by Jim an Maplewood, racewheels are on and I rode last night for 1:45 and it felt good.


Generally speaking training for this IronMan has been totally different than my first one.  This is an early season IM and the third in North America this year.  IMAZ was in November and the last IM in North America so unlike the first time around, I have not had an entire summer of building and racing as in the past.  The first time around I was fairly injury free except for a few back issues.  This time is a different story.

Mentally I am tired and ready for it to be here.  I have the same nerves that I had in the past.  Fear of the unknown is always there and wondering if I did enough to yield a good day on the course.  This is common for everyone and this time around is no different.

Physically:  Much different this time around.  I had early season back problems that ended up being my SI Joint and fortunately have been able to keep it at bay for the past several weeks with a weekly visit to the Chiropractor in addition to getting pretty good and self adjustment.  My Achilles tendon injury that happened roughly 18 weeks ago a the beginning of my training is my biggest concern.  I purposefully have not had a scheduled run of over 2 hours to limit damage.  I have not logged nearly as many miles as the fist time around however, I have replaced a lot of running with cycling.  My cycling is feeling pretty strong right now.  My running we will see.  The good news is that my Achilles is tight when I get up in the morning and within 30 minutes or so, it is loose and feeling good.  I am comforted by the fact that I believe I am as prepared as I can be - all things considered. 

The weather in CDA:  aside from the fact it might rain the temps in CDA are going to be between 50-75 for the day.  Perfect in my opinion.  If the winds stay calm and the day stays cool it will shape up to be a great day.  The water temp on the other hand is a different story.  The lake is notoriously cold.  They have been getting a lot of rain so the dam has been open more than in the past.  As of today, the water temp is 54 degrees.  I did IMAZ when it was 60 and although brisk when you first get in, it wasn't too bad.  Anything between 60-70 is perfect.  To be honest, there is no way to know until we arrive and do the practice swim.  It is supposed to be in the 70s this week and hopefully the sun will warm the top layers.  Time will tell.

I have a brisk strider run tonight and a 1 hour swim.  Tomorrow I have a short 3 hour brick.  I drop off my bike on Monday for the trip to CDA and I leave on Thursday. 

When asked about how I am approaching this IM I am reminded of a story from an Airborne Ranger that I used to work with as a civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers.  We were having lunch one day and I asked him what it was like to jump out of an airplane (he had over 500 jumps).  He said the first time was awesome, the second time was horrible.  When asked why, he said, the first time it is new, the second time you know what is coming.

Take care.....