Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schedule - Schedule - Schedule

This is for yesterday and today.

Yesterday my company (Acropolis Technology Group) had our first monthly company meeting of the year and the first one we have held at Dave & Buster's. This year was no different. Dinner and drinks at 6:00 presentation 6:30ish. Yesterday was my early day after a long long week. I have been pretty tired lately. With our presentation that I had to finish up yesterday I worked through lunch and then had my weeekly conference call at 1:00 with two business friends of mine Evan and Ted their companies are and That ended at 2:00 and I went straight to the gym for a 3x500 tempo swim and an the hour bike ride I didn't get done the night before. Then off to Dave & Busters for a fun night.

The days are hectic but a little planning goes a long way. Besides, it is very engergizing to share company good news. We had a great year last year and we have a great group of people to work with. It is always nice to share as a group what we work so hard for all of the time. Got in bed about 1:00ish.

Today Rene let me sleep in a bit (she is awesome) tonight is her 40th birthday party so no training tonight. Today was a 1.5 hour tempo run on the treadmill (ick) but it went fine. Not my best work but got it all in. I watch the Ford Ironman World Championships again and it is truly inpiring to see common people not much different from you and I achieving the amazing. It is hard to fathom that one day if all goes well I will be there too. Rene did her 200/400 run test today in the cold. NBB is feeling better and is over his virus and KBB played a great basketball game today. She is really taking to baskeball and is doing a great job. I am proud of both of them and they are both so ernest and work so hard.

All for now... I have an older woman that I need to celebrate with!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


BLAAAAAAAH - that is currently how I am feeling. Meetings all day yesterday and a 8:00 PM swim. The good news is that I slept good last night. I got to spend the afternoon with the family between 4:00 and my meeting at 6:00. I say I am tired but I think it is just going to take getting used to my new work schedule and maybe it is just mental.

Anyway, it is after lunch, just finished my 60 minute tempo run today (8 min/mi for 30min) and a 1 hour bike after my Thursday night meeting. I felt good on my run. I can feel my endurance improving and I am starting to run at speeds I have never ran before comfortably. Running at 8/mi felt good. Eventhough it was only 30 minutes my HR stayed in zone 3 for almost all of the run starting low 3.0 and creeping to 3.9 over the 30 minutes. So much better than it used to be but I still have a long way to go if I want to get better.

Rene just called and NBB had to come home from school sick with a headache that he has had for 2 days now. Dr. Zenker says there is a virus going around but other than that we should be worried.

Got to video chat with the kids this morning while they ate breakfast. That has really made my the mornings better for all of us.

All for now...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today is Wednesday, up at 4:30 and to the office by 6:00am. I am dragging this morning. I have 3 meetings today and prepping for our 2010 kickoff company meeting for Friday. It is going to be a full day.

It is 3:00 and writing this before I go pickup the kids. It is snowing and mid 30's. I have a Search Team meeting tonight at Church and forutnatley I only have a swim to do tonight. I will do that after my meeting. Jennifer (my coach) has me working on speed and power in the offseason so I have 40 minutes of fast repeats tonight. Hopefully I will be home by 9:00. Overall I am feeling pretty good musclewise. Tired because it is a long week but overall pretty good.

Only one workout today which is nice. More to come tomorrow, gotta go pickup the kids.
Tuesday - 1/26/2010

Today I have a 50 minute hill run and a 1 hour hill ride scheduled. The fact that it is a high of 25degrees today means treadmill at noon and trainer after the kids go to bed. My run at noon went great having The Center of Clayton a block away from my office is fantastic. My quads were a little sore but that is a good thing. I had an afternoon meeting at the church to discuss finances, from there meeting my family so that Rene and I could split duties. Tuesdays are alwyas tough because KGB has softball and basketball practice, plus homework. NBB has basketball so Rene and I divide and conquer to get it all done.

While Rene and KGB were at basketball, Nathan and I threw the football around after his bath in the new addition. We played fumble and "tackle football" as he calls it when I chase him around. We had a good time and laughed a lot. We then read "don't make me laugh" and I put him to bed. Oh yeah, he made me fly him around on my back like an "avatar bird". He laughed really hard when he crashed me into the walls. We are blessed to have two great kids.

Srange thing on my trainer ride. I go to turn on my Garmin 705 to log my data and nothing... zip...nada. I just charged the battery over the weekend so I rule that out. SO... manual entry tonight... come to find out, I upgrade the firmware and all is right in the world again.

I sat in the hot tub and had a beer after my workout (important to get some carbs after a workout) Stretched really good and went to bed. Tomorrow is my early day so time to get some rest. Lights out, the morning comes early.

The Beginning - well actually that is a lie

So I am starting my blog with a lie. Hopefully that will be the only one.

Technically this is the beginning of my Blog that hopefully will chronicle my year of training, challengs, failures and hopefully ultimate success at the Ford Ironman Arizona this November 2010. My training actually began last year with my first triathlon (or 5 in this case) to get me on the road to becoming an Ironman.

Currenty, I track all of my workouts, emails to my coach (Jennifer Meyer at TriSmart training systems) etc so I have a good record of all that I am doing. My training is with a purpose and engineered so I am not "winging it" My purpose here is to capture the day to day overview of what it takes in the life of a normal guy trying to accomplish one of the most challenging endurance events that I could imagine. My hope is that one day, when my kids hate me, have gotten lazy, lost direction, or just trying to find themselves this would serve as a reference for them. To maybe realize their problem with Dad can't be that great. I hope that day never comes but I have seen too many times when it has for others. Kathryn and Nathan, this is for you guys. Your Dad (and Mom) love you. I don't know what the future holds for my training so this may be the biggest fizzle or on a very oustide chance I hope it inspires you to do something that all logic tells you that you can't.

So that is the purpose of this blog. Probably not much different than the others out there on the subject. To be honest, I haven't looked since this is for my personal records vs. trying to sell, promote or brag. With that said, I will make one apology for spelling and grammer. There it is.