Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here are the "official" pictures

Here are some of the pictures from IMAZ, I just got them yesterday.

I am on the inside buoy line about 30 yards from the front. This and the few minutes following were by far the most crazy time of the race (as expected)

This is just an awesome picture with the sun coming up. It is now my desktop background. Notice the clouds, it was like that most of the day.

Another view of the swim.

Coming out of the swim and checking the watch - I was very pleased with a 1:21 swim. The swim socks were a nice, last minute addition with 59-60 degree water temps that morning.

One of the only pictures that they caught me on the bike.

Per my promise to my daughter "Upright and not on a stretcher"

My only wish is that I would have pulled my family in from behind the barracades for the picture. The arm warmers were on all day! The red-white-and blue Tri Smart Tri suit is awesome, my family could see my coming from a mile away! I am standing like that because I forgot to use glide on the inside of my arms and they were raw from where they rubbed on my tri top.

Lastly, here is a great video I found of the swim start on YouTube. Click here for the video. I was on the far side on the inside.

Thanks for following and words can't express how much I appreciate the thoughts, comments, and support.


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  1. Those are some awesome pictures/memories.