Monday, October 31, 2011


My last post was the week after IRONMAN Arizona November 2010. Since then my world has been turned on its head. As those few that follow know, my father passed away July 18th of this year from a rare untreatable illness called Creutzfeld Jacob disease. The onset was sudden with him only lasing a little over 5 months. Words can't describe the loss that I feel on a daily basis and the pain that comes from knowing I will never see him again. My kids will never see him again and of course what my Mom and my brothers and family are dealing with. I could dedicate an entire blog to the things he has taught me that will be with me forever and the trajedy of this disease but just as I purposly don't go see movies with bad endings (why spend money to put yourself through that right????) the same goes for my blog. No sad endings here but I would be remissed if I didn't at least start with a mention and as a prologue of the paragraphs to come.

So why start the blog back up? The goal of the last one was to honor Deborah Olney and raise funds for her care while taking a realistic look at IRONMAN training. That mission was accomplished so why another blog? Easy, I have signed up to compete in my second IRONMAN, IRONMAN COEUR D'ALENE a short 237 days away and counting. I am sure I will dedicate this one to something as well. It may be a fund raiser for a local food pantry, it may be to honor my father by the proceeds goingt to the CJD Foundation, at this point, I am not sure. I am sure it will come to me while out on a bike or a run or something.

So, it all begins now after a week off from my final race. I start back on my off season work out regimen today. This year I am trying something different with very little endurence work between now and first of the year with a primary focus on building strength and power for my Swim/Bike/Run muscle groups. With endurence training starting after the first of the year.

So, here it goes, let the insanity begin.


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