Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Back BABY

Rene and I had our Monday night YOGAX date. This is the P90X version of Yoga. It is 90 minutes of hurting well....... actually about 60 minutes of hurting. I have never considered myself a YOGA guy but I will tell you, it is tough and when I do it, I can get up in the morning without limping to the closet to get dressed. I was telling my coach that it normally takes me several minutes to straighten up in the morning, my legs are always stiff, my back is always stiff, I am just generally sore. Since starting YOGA, it is getting a lot better. My plan is to continue this on my rest day for the foreseeable future.

Now, on to topic number two... my low back... as I have written in the past, my back has kept me down for about the last month and swimming (of all things) is what put it over the edge and kept me from doing anything for about 10 days. So today, on my lunch hour, I went and tried swimming as a test. I was able to swim a mile in about 30 minutes. It was sloppy, it was slow, my technique was rusty but NO BACK PAIN!!!! I feel great so I am stamping myself healed!!! More yoga, more strength, more bike....

Lastly, today the tri-club kicked off the ICY IRON challenge. It is basically a gimmick for all of us to keep exercising when the weather is crappy and no one feels like going outside. It isn't super compettive but basically the goal for me is to complete the equivalent of 2x the Ironman distance in the Swim, Bike Run. So over the next several weeks, I need to swim 4.8 miles, bike 224 miles and run 52.4 miles. I don't know how long it will take but I will do my best. Again, the purpose for me isn't to win but to have another motivator to get my butt off the couch and outside. When I report my miles weekly, I wil in turn report them to you.

Take care and have a great Tuesday
Tracy Butler

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