Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I know it has been awhile but in an effort to chronicle my training, this time around has definately been a lot more challenging.  Maybe I have a short memory but other than a few minor tweaks here and there, I really didn't have any major set backs in training for IMAZ like I have for this one.  First it was my back that is well chronicled here but seems to be doing great now.  However, as soon as I started feeling good about my running again I've had another slight set back that could have been catastrophic.  12 Days ago, I went for an 1:15 minute tempo run after work.  I felt strong, actually went on a slightly different path and explored a road that I had never been down before but ran past several times.  All is good. 

Later that night, I was in my garage putting some things away, the kids were in bed, Rene was in the basement riding the bike.  I was in my bare feet like I am a lot of the time.  As I was reaching up into a cabinet I stepped on a piece of aluminum that blew off the house in the last set of storms.  I was keeping it so that I could match it later when I felt a pain that almost felt like a sting in the back of my leg.  I looked down and I guess when I stepped on the bent piece of aluminum the share edge rocked up and sliced into my Achilles area on the back of my right leg.  I was bleeding pretty bad and the slice went pretty deep.  I hopped on one leg into the kitchen and tried to stop the bleeding with paper towels but it was no use.  I called Rene on the phone so I wouldn't wake up the kids and asked her to come up stairs ASAP.  I needed to stop the bleeding and compression wasn't helping so I reached in the drawer and found super glue.  No, not the stuff for skin but the stuff that holds the construction worker to the beam by his hard hat.  I held the flap of skin together the best I could and covered it with glue.  It worked and was good enough to keep the bleeding stopped until I got the emergency room.

The check in nurse was pretty appalled at my use of glue because as she pointed out, it is toxic.... OOOPS.... so is bleeding all of the house BTW...  After seeing the doc and doing a few tests, he assured me I did not get into the tendon (my biggest fear), they cleaned out my glue and used some of their own.  No swimming for a week, no running until I felt I could and to avoid infection, they said no biking.

So, heading the advice of my doctor, I rode the bike on the trainer for 1:30 Friday night.  Believe it or not, although it couldnt bear any weight, I was able to do an easy spin on Friday and actually worked to loosen it up.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I then rode the bike on Saturday for 3 hours.  Very Very Very low power output but again, it went a long way to loosen it.  For the next 7 days I have been limping but have been able to swim (last Friday for an hour, Sunday for 1.5 hours, yesterday at lunch) with very little pain. I can't push off the wall but hey, there are no walls to push off of in open water.

So, I can now walk without a limp and HOPEFULLY I will be able to run tomorrow or Thursday. 

Time will tell.....   89 Days to CDA.  I really hope what they say is true, cycling helps running.... 

All for now.


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