Thursday, May 27, 2010


Not to complain and please don't take my short note as a complaint but I am having a hard time getting back into this week following my race. I have hit my workouts but pretty unmotivated right now. Last night I got my easy 45 minute ride in last night on the trainer. I finished my short swim TT today (40 second 50 yards, 1:24 100 yards).

I did almost see someone drown (not really but for a lap pool it was close). Two (what appeared to be 18 year olds) jumped into a swim lane togehter today. She could swim, he could not. It became apparent he could not because when he got to th deep end he freaked, grabbed on to the lane line, feet swinging into the lane next to him scrambling down the rope to the shallow end. I can say in all of my time swimming at the Center of Clayton, the only time I have seen a lifeguard get out of the chair was during a guard change. Today, the life guard scrambled down, didn't get in the water but was defaintely there. They were asked to go to the other pool.

I have a run tonight after my church meeting and should get it in.

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