Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sheriff's Special Olympic Run - Thanks Bank of Edwardsville

Today was the first annual Sheriff's run to support the special olympics. The run was at Galzebrook park in Godfrey. There was also a fun run for the kids consisting of .5 mile or a 1 mile run for the older kids. Rene's sister Laura and her family, Eric, Madison and Tyler were in from California for the weekend so we decided to do the run together.

We have to thank Pat Devening and Rhonda Pluester and The Bank of Edwardsville for sponsoring the event and more importantly sponsoring Rene and I to run in it. Rene's parents were there to watch and Chris Thorpe did a great job coordinating the race. The 5K (3.1 miles) ran out of the park with an out and back, then two loops in the park finishing where it started. The weather was great with low humidity so it was a perfect day for the run. We started and pushed pretty hard from the beginning with both of us having good runs. The field wasn't huge but Rene and I both ended up winning our age group. However, the fun part was the kids.

Next was the .5 mile run for the kids. Our 6 year old son (NBB) and 9 year old daughter (KGB) both wanted to run. NBB who volunteers to run at football practice told Rene and I all week that he was going to win the race. We of course told him that there would be a lot of kids, most of the older so don't be mad if he didn't win. If we said "just go have fun" once we said it 10+ times each. Kathryn said she was going to run with another little girl who wasn't quite sure where she was going. The kids lined up and as soon as the horn sounded NBB took off like a flash. We thought for sure he would sprint, get tired and walk. With it being .5 miles we could see the entire course. They both made the turn at the end of the lane and NBB was leading. He ran to the turn around and.... was leading..... we thought for sure he was going to stop running and walk but... he didn't..... he rounded the last turn onto the long straight away to the finish and three older boys were on his tail. Nathan looked over his shoulder and saw them gaining on him and did he stop.... No... he sprinted to the finish winning the race and beating all of the other kids. Attached is the NBB winning and KGB crossing the line. I am so proud of both of them, they ran so hard and had a lot of fun. If you look, KGB is actually smiling. The last pic is the family.

All for now and thanks again Pat and Rhonda


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