Friday, September 24, 2010

Swim Lesson with Hap Gentry

Good Morning

Most of this week has been spent on the trainer after the kids go to bed. Have I mentioned how much I dislike riding on the trainer? If not, please let me reinforce it here. Compared to outside, the trainer is tough to ride on. It is more difficulte to follow a workout plan, get the heart rate up etc... It just isn't the same as outside however it is the best alternative.

I got a call yesterday from Hap Gentry, my swim coach, who taught me to swim. He took me not being able to swim 50 yards to being able to swim 3+ miles. He was approached by the St. Louis Business Jornal to profile a business owner / athlete and Hap put her in touch with me. All in the same conversation (and while I had him on the phone) I asked if we could meet this morning for a swim lesson.

It has been 6 months since I met with him and of course, in less than an hour he gave me several things to work on and of course had me swimming faster than I have ever been able to swim and the kicker less effort..... Funny how that works... Swimming harder increases drag and decreases speed. Just to put it in perspective, I was able to shave 4 seconds off of my fastest all out 100 yard swim. 4 seconds doesn't seem like a lot but when I could reduce my time at less effort, over an hour plus 2.4 mile swim that is a big deal. He is truly and amazing swim coach.

So, now that my swim is out of the way this morning, I have a 1 hour run later today. Each year on the kids birthdays we let them pick where they want to go for their birthday dinner. Typically it is McDonalds or Pizza Hut because we just don't eat a lot of fast food. However, this year when we asked my son who turned 7 this week his answer....... "I want to go to the Cooking Pot" the cooking pot to him is translated into the Melting Pot. He has expensive taste. I am starting to think the gift certificate that was given to us (that introduced him to the "Cooking Pot" may very well be the most expensive "free" meal we have ever had. Oh well, Birthdays only come once a year right?

Sunday is my "Big Day" as written about before. I am trying to prepare for it just like I would a race. I am actually getting a little nervous about it just because it is a race simulation and will be the biggest indicator if finishing is in the cards and then, if my power and pace goals are anywhere close.

We shall see......

Tracy Butler

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  1. I think it is just fantastic that you journal your 'trainings' in here!! It is exciting to read and I look forward to when I check it! Tell Nathan I said Happy Birthday and Payton just asked the other day if she was ever gonna see that boy that locked them in the closet again...I told her probably not near a closet but sometime I'm sure they would come over!!!!! You are an amazing athlete and your blog is awesome! You should write a book about your journey!!! Have a great weekend!