Thursday, October 21, 2010

My back and shoulder are still wrecked

Good Morning,

I rarely post two days in a row but aside from my knee issues well in the past I have not had to deal with many injuries. I had a 2 hour bike ride that went fine last night, no pain and just a good ride. Used the stem unit on my shoulder and was in bed by 9:15 following Parent/Teacher conferences at KGB and NBB's school (great reports by the way). I slept pretty good. I have a meeting tonight with at our office so I didn't go in at my normal 6:00am but instead I got to sleep in a bit, see the kids this morning before I left for work and was able to come in at 8:00am.

Now to the problems. I woke up this morning and had a hard time getting out of bed due to my lower back. My shoulder is improving but not good enough for my scheduled swim at noon today so I am going to bag it. However my back is still a mess. It has been loosening up now that I am moving around but if it doesn't show a marked improvement by mid morning I am going to try to get in for a treatment. It is a bit worrisome because I don't have a lot of swims on the schedule and just with my 1 hour swim last Sunday I could tell my form is slipping just from lack of practice, however, I CAN NOT afford an injury now so it is that balance of pain/training/and preperation. I can deal with a little pain as long as I am confident it will go away in fairly short order. I am not sure what is causing it but suspect it is swimming because I actually "arch" my back to keep my core and legs high in the water and now that this has become normal for me I think it is adding stress.

As I previously posted, I have my second "Big Day" this weekend and the forecast is calling for rain Saturday and Sunday. As much as I hate hate hate to do it I may need to take a PTO day tomorrow to get it in before the weather turns bad. Part of me is thankful that I am part of such a great team at work that makes great decisions in my absence, however, we have so much going on that I want to be here. So it is balancing being out of the office tomorrow vs. this one very important training day peak of a two year build. This too all assumes that my back and shoulder are physically up to it. I need to push but intelligently push.

Anyway, my purpose was not to vent but more to capture where I am at for later review.

All for now, have a great Thursday


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  1. YOU NEED A MASSAGE!!! I think you are probably right about the posturing when you swim causing your stress to back/shoulders...Praying that your issues go away and you can hit your training full tilt in your countdown to ironman!!!! Keep it up, you are an inspiration to many!