Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ooops,I messed up my alarm, what am I 10 years old?!?!?

Last week was a solid week of training for me. I was able to get everything in injury free and I was even able to get a question posted and answered on Joe Friel's blog (the owner of training peaks, WKO software, and author of the Triathlete Training Bible

This weekend I had an all day planning meeting for my church so with the exception of an hour swim there was no time for training on Saturday. Sunday there was an organized Century ride that my buddy Don was going to ride a portion of it with me. The plans were to meet in Alton at 6:30 so he could drop off his car, drive over to St. Charles together and begin the ride by 7:30. Alton was the 60ish mile point, he would stop there and make his pre scheduled plans that he had and I would finish the remaining 40 or so miles. After our busy Saturday and after the kids were in bed I readied my bike and clothes. Since this was an organized ride, I didn't need near the amount of nutrition and drinks just because they had stops about every 20 miles with a box lunch mid way. 100 mile rides are always challenging because of all of the stuff that you have to carry to get through it. I was really looking forward to this ride so I set my alarm for 5:30 am and went to bed.

The next thing I remember was waking up, looking at my alarm clock and seeing it was 7:10!?!?!?!?!? I jumped out of bed as mad as I have been in a long time. Went to my phone and saw several messages, texts, smoke signals etc... from Don wondering where the heck I was at. I called him immediately and decided to stay local since we had to be riding by 7:30. There was no way we could have made it. So in the time it took Don to drive from Alton to my house I started packing nutrition, mixing sport drink and getting my bike down off the car. He was really cool about it but I was so mad at myself. I totally derailed not only my day and my plan but now his too.

It actually probably worked out better because Don was going to muscle through it with an injury. He went to Casltewood State Park on Friday afternoon and crashed pretty bad on his mountain bike. Cut his knee open, blunt force trauma and generally just got beat up pretty bad so he was already hurting.

We rode together for an hour and he turned around and rode back. I stayed out riding the trail system (I think I covered almost all of it - see below) to get my 100 miles in. The good news is that in my 5;45 minute ride I was able to push about 10 more watts of power on average than I did on my "Big Day" workout two weeks ago and I felt pretty good. I am still getting used to my new setup on my bike (about 2 months old now) on the longer rides but all things considered it was a solid ride.

This week I am hoping the write up in the Business Journal is printed but we will see.

All for now, have a great week


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