Monday, November 15, 2010

Real time tracking during the race.

At the risk of even adding more pressure I have rented a device that will allow my family (and all of you) to track me during the race if you want. It is a GPS device that I will wear during the bike and run (no swim) that will allow real time tracking, current speed, elevation etc... during the race.

The address is here and if you click on Ironman Arizona my name should appear once I get my device. My buddy Mike Montoya is getting one also so track and send him good MoJo as well. Just as a heads up, if they have a beta site like they did for IM Florida it will not work on the Iphone or Ipad. You will need a device that recognizes flash or you will have to go to their regular site on the Iphone. Here is a screenshot of a random race I picked at the New York Marathon. I will say if you have a computer, the BETA site is much much better but both are very good. If you want to see what my pace has been throughout the race click on the history check box on the left hand side. The speed it shows is in MPH rounded to the nearest whole MPH. This is okay on the bike but the run it isn't great. The Beta site looks like it gives much better statistics.

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