Tuesday, November 9, 2010

T-Minus 12 Days

Good Morning, I hope this finds you all well.

First, I want to thank all of the well wishers who have sent email, phone calls, notes of encouragement. One of the greatest things about triathlon and the community as a whole is that we all pull for each other. There have been triathletes that I have only spoken to a few times send me email of enocuragement and it means a lot. Thanks

My taper is on track. I did miss a run last week just due to really bad scheduling on my part. It was only a 45 minute run so it will not be a blip of an impact in the large scheme of things. I had a 4 hour brick on Sunday (3 hour ride at race pace and a quick transition to a 7 mile run). The cycling portion went perfect and as planned, high energy, very low stress and all of my numbers were as expected. However, I transitioned to the run and I immediately started cramping in my stomach. At the risk of being too graphic, it was like my insides liquified and it was bad. I had to make 4 "emergency" stops on my run and when I was able to run my stomach was cramping horribly. I have never had this happen so I am marking it up as an abnormality and moving past it. I can only pin it on 1/2 things: 1) We went out for KGB's birthday the night before and I ate some foods that I don't typically eat or 2) my speedfill waterbottle has a long drink tube. The speedfill holds 40 oz of fluid and has a long drink tube that snakes up through my aero bars so I can drink while riding without having to change positions. I started my ride only to realize that I cleaned my bottle but not the drink tube so it sat in my garage since my last ride. I very well might have ingested some bad stuff that took the entire bike ride to affect me. I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN! I am still not 100% but with a week 1/2 half out I will be fine. Unless I am missing something, the only things that will threaten my finish is a mechanical break down on the bike or severe problems like I had on Sunday. It was pretty debilitating. I guess the good news is that when I was able to run I was able to easily maintain my pace.

I picked up my bike coffin travel case last night from the Tri-Club for me to use with the only stipulation is that I have to put an IRONMAN ARIZONA sticker on it when I finish. This case will make it much easier to travel with my bike and keep my ride much safer that the flat style of case.

This week I am going to be out of town for two days in Phoenix for work. Come home late Friday, pack and go back out for Ironman next Thursday. It is getting close.

Lastly, I know that I posted about water temperatures and the concern that it may be cold since Tempe Town Lake Dam burst in the summer and they had to fix it, and refill it from Lake Roosevelt at a higher elevation. That will not be a problem. There is a fellow Triathlete that has taken it on himself to measure the water temp ever few days and post it online. He isn't even doing the race! See what I mean about triathletes! It is a great group. Last readings the water temp was 70 degress and will probably be in the 66ish range come race time - Perfect. The long range forecast for Tempe has the lows at 53 and the highs of 75ish. It will actually be a bit warm but with low himidity it will be nice. It is shaping up to be a great day!

Now to finish with a quote from one of the tri and Ironman Doug Bristow. I actually met Doug last year at the local pool. He was swimming in the lane next to me and I was trying on my wetsuit for the first time. I asked him to help me fix the collar and it came out that he was training for his first IM - Ironman Louisville. He sent me a message yesterday and after I asked him for any last minute advice this is what he said: "I thought to myself during the race....swim like your warming up, bike like your bored and run like your obsessed" Now if I only have the mental control to do it.

Thanks for the support. I will post more when I get back from my trip!


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