Monday, November 1, 2010

Bib number 1077

T-Minus 20 days and counting.

We received our bib numbers today. Mine is 1077, Mike M is 1093 and Justen D is 1088 They will rack our bikes in transition according to Bib numbers so when you think of 2,000 athletes doing this even and the total span between the three of us is 16 spots that is pretty amazing. I will be a lot slower than both of those guys so I won't see them during the day but will before the race.

My light week of training is over and I needed it. I was feeling fatigued all the way through Friday of last week. I was able to get all of my workouts in and my bikes are going to have to shift to indoors with the days getting shorter. Today is a pretty solid week of medium distance aerobic efforts. I have a swim tomorrow with a 9ish mile run. Tomorrow is KGB's birthday so I will have to get it in before we have people over or after she goes to bed. I ran with Lee Brousseau yesterday. He is a professional MMA fighter that we have become friends with over the last several months. He is one of the mellowist guys I have met. Hard to believe he fights as a hobby. He has a fight coming up at the Scottrade center in 5 weeks and is working on his cardio. He has to hate me, I asked him 1,000 questions about MMA and it is funny how the two sports parallel (except for punching of course). Speed, Power, Endurance and the balance between the three applies to both sports. It was interesting to see how he balances the three in what he does and compare it to what I am doing in Triathlon.

I have a full week again of 13 +/- hours of training with my load decreasing for the next 20 days. I am starting to shift my focus what I am going to pack and take with me.

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