Saturday, January 30, 2010

Schedule - Schedule - Schedule

This is for yesterday and today.

Yesterday my company (Acropolis Technology Group) had our first monthly company meeting of the year and the first one we have held at Dave & Buster's. This year was no different. Dinner and drinks at 6:00 presentation 6:30ish. Yesterday was my early day after a long long week. I have been pretty tired lately. With our presentation that I had to finish up yesterday I worked through lunch and then had my weeekly conference call at 1:00 with two business friends of mine Evan and Ted their companies are and That ended at 2:00 and I went straight to the gym for a 3x500 tempo swim and an the hour bike ride I didn't get done the night before. Then off to Dave & Busters for a fun night.

The days are hectic but a little planning goes a long way. Besides, it is very engergizing to share company good news. We had a great year last year and we have a great group of people to work with. It is always nice to share as a group what we work so hard for all of the time. Got in bed about 1:00ish.

Today Rene let me sleep in a bit (she is awesome) tonight is her 40th birthday party so no training tonight. Today was a 1.5 hour tempo run on the treadmill (ick) but it went fine. Not my best work but got it all in. I watch the Ford Ironman World Championships again and it is truly inpiring to see common people not much different from you and I achieving the amazing. It is hard to fathom that one day if all goes well I will be there too. Rene did her 200/400 run test today in the cold. NBB is feeling better and is over his virus and KBB played a great basketball game today. She is really taking to baskeball and is doing a great job. I am proud of both of them and they are both so ernest and work so hard.

All for now... I have an older woman that I need to celebrate with!

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