Thursday, January 28, 2010


BLAAAAAAAH - that is currently how I am feeling. Meetings all day yesterday and a 8:00 PM swim. The good news is that I slept good last night. I got to spend the afternoon with the family between 4:00 and my meeting at 6:00. I say I am tired but I think it is just going to take getting used to my new work schedule and maybe it is just mental.

Anyway, it is after lunch, just finished my 60 minute tempo run today (8 min/mi for 30min) and a 1 hour bike after my Thursday night meeting. I felt good on my run. I can feel my endurance improving and I am starting to run at speeds I have never ran before comfortably. Running at 8/mi felt good. Eventhough it was only 30 minutes my HR stayed in zone 3 for almost all of the run starting low 3.0 and creeping to 3.9 over the 30 minutes. So much better than it used to be but I still have a long way to go if I want to get better.

Rene just called and NBB had to come home from school sick with a headache that he has had for 2 days now. Dr. Zenker says there is a virus going around but other than that we should be worried.

Got to video chat with the kids this morning while they ate breakfast. That has really made my the mornings better for all of us.

All for now...

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