Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tip - Don't glue your feet to your socks!

If you have been reading you know that I have been having blister problems that I am getting over. The blisters have left a callous (sp) mess of my left foot. So, it should be no surprise while tending to my foot I inadverterntly removed some good skin -OUCH- and BTW that has the same affect as remvoing a blister. Not to be too gross but the soft pink new skin that never gets exposed to my shoes is REALLY tender skin. All of this happened Friday night. I moved my long bike to yesterday so it really didn't affect me then but today I had an 80 minute run with a bad case of the "tender foot".

I had to get my run in today and I wasn't going to let some fresh skin get in the way so in my infinite wisdom I decided to use Super Glue. So after my financial church presentation today I literally had 30 minutes to get home, get changed, and get out of the door so I could finish in time to go to my daughter's first piano recital. So I ran in the door, grabbed the Super Glue, covered the new skin with the glue and waited several minutes for it to dry. Once dry, I threw on my socks, shoes and hit the road with NO PAIN. It really worked. I had a few minutes when I got home to shower, change and get to the recital. This is where I found out the super glue wasn't dry all of the way and when I pulled my socks off guess what... new pink -delicate - skin. Not a huge deal, it will get better.

I have tomorrow off, ride and swim on Tuesday so I have until Wednesday before I have to worry about foot tenderness again. I don't see it being an issue, if it is, you will know.

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