Friday, April 30, 2010

2- Mile Time Trial - BLAAAAAAH

So my day starts at the office with a 6:30 phone call from my house. The only reason I should get a phone call that early is for a really good or a really bad event. It was my 6 year old son calling to tell me he pulled his tooth. He was pretty pleased as was I. In his defense, I tried to talk him into letting me pull it last night, it was hanging on be a thread.

My Blaaaaah in the subject is because it is a tough tough test not because it didn't go well. The test consists of going to a track, warming up thoroughly and then doing a 2 mile - all out - gonzo - run as fast as you can, puke on your shoes and if you have a heart defect that has yet to be noticed the coroner will let you family know after the autopsy is complete type run. I passed a local triathlon stud (I was driving to the track, he was running because I could never pass him if we were both running) Rick Mann. He has qualified for Kona several times and has done Kona sub 10 hours. He recently ran the St. Louis marathon in 3:15 and bascially decided to do it on a lark. The runs we have done together and his favorite run includes a few laps around the track mid run so I figured I would see him.

So, during my warm up sure enough, he comes to the track, we say hello and I wait until he is gone before I do my TT. Too much to explain and besides that, I look pretty silly next to a guy that is successful as he runs by feel, no HRM, no GPS, just him and a watch and here I am doing track work. Don't get me wrong, I think the path I have chosen is the most efficient path to success for me. You measure what you treasure and the way to see gains for me is structure and testing. With this all being way too much to explain, I figured I w0ould warm up while he made his laps and then I did the TT.

The test is brutal. It is supposed to measure my pace at VO2max. I finished my first mile sub 7 minutes (first time ever) and my second mile was just over 7 per. My average was 7:04 min miles which was a full 40 seconds faster than when I did my test in February. The test results were great, my heart rate is the highest it has ever been measured and actually corresponds to 182BPM theoretical max when I did a VO2 max test with my coach back when I started this. Literally, my last two laps on the track I was looking into the parking lot to see if anyone was around in case I had a heart attack. There was no one but the video cameras so it would have made great viewing the next day at Civic Memorial High School or when the student going to make out in the bleachers found my dead carcass on the track. Regardless, if I went down, I was dead.

Today I had a nice easy swim that I did on lunch with nothing else today. The weather this weekend is supposed to be bad so I need to get a swim, run, and bike TT in sometime this weekend.

So far, this round of TT has yielded 1:40 faster on my 750 yard swim and 0:40 seconds faster on my 2 mile run. I can only hope my bike will show similar improvement but I am not expecting much since I have spend most of the offseason on the trainer. I guess we will see.

Tonight I have KGB & NBB school play and I think we are going to go to a nice dinner before hand.

All for now


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