Friday, July 30, 2010

2 mile Run Test - This is a tough one

As I had mentioned in previous posts this week is test week. Last night was a 2 mile, all out time trial. Warmup (not a problem in this heat) then run on a track a 2 mile test as fast as you can. I have never to my knowledge ever ran this averaging less than a little over 7 minute miles. I have never been fast so last night was the night I was going to break 14 minutes. My previous time was 14:08 seconds. Last night was the night.

My first mile started out fast (for me). I have a very commonly used watch that most triathletes/runners use that use GPS to track distance, route, speed, cadence, heart rate etc... basically every datapoint that an athlete needs it tracks. One of the most beneficial things about these watches are that it tracks all of this real time so at any time I can look down and see how fast I am going. Everything is logged and recorded which I send to my coach. She then can take that information and figure out my workouts and just as important, at what intensity to best prepare me for whatever event. Shorter events - more speed prep. Longer events are more endurance. Anyway, Lap 1 started out pretty fast and I was consistently running sub 7 minutes. I finished my first lap 6:57 - so far so good.

The 2nd mile was tougher but I was determined to break 7 minutes. I pushed but I was really stuggling to keep my speed. There wasn't enough air, my legs were burning, and my heart felt like it was going to explode. Going into the last 1/8th of a mile I looked at my watch and thought I had an outside chance of making 7:00 minutes so I sprinted as fast as I could (which could not have been that fast) only to finish with a total time at 14:03. Missed it by 3 seconds but I had nothing else left in the tank. Oh well, I will get it next time. 5 second improvement when you are going as fast as your body will take is a big dal for me. Just to prove that I had nothing left my heart rate maxed at the highest it has been since I started recording it at 178 BPM. My theoretical max is 182 Beat Per Minute. I am not sure what happens when I approach the max but based on last night it has to hurt.....

Tonight is a 45 minute swim that should equate to about 1.5 miles. no test, just a swim so I am actually looking forward to an easy workout. Tomorrow is a bike test and that will stink... so one day at a time and before you know it, a couple hundred workouts from now and I will be in 16 feet of water with 2,000 people getting ready for the the challenge of a lifetime. Until then, get the workout done and stay healthy and the day will hopefully take care of itself.

Until next time,
Have a good weekend....


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