Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's go time

Getting ready for a long race is always a little nerve racking. Today started a little later than I had wanted just because the kids slept late, ate breakfast and had to drop the bike off in Transition. With 2,000 Athlete having to rack their bikes it is always a little crazy. Athlete meeting was today at noon where they go over all of the "special" things with the course. This one is no exception, we talked about the plan for thunderstorms, they told us the roads had many sections with asphalt patches running lengthwise down the lane and to "choose a side" trying to cross some of them will cause you to crash. Mostly the athletes meeting is quite a downer because they don't talk about all of the great stuff on the course, only what to do if things go south. I then racked the bike, took the kids to the beach where they played and Rene and I took turns swimming. Lake Michigan and North Beach is beautiful! The water is so clear it is nice to have an Open Water Swim where you can see for a change. The water will be a brisk 62 degrees tomorrow, in the wetsuit it will be perfect.

Once the swims were done, we drove the bike course. The roads are pretty bad but should only be a problem if we do get the rain they are talking about. If that happens, all speed goals are off and it turns to have fun and survive. There aren't any real big long climbs but many slow and gradual long ones. On the way back, any hills that you climb you get to come down on the way back, it will be a welcomed change. After driving the course, I did took a 30 minute run just to stay loose and get my legs ready for tomorrw, streteched really good and went to dinner.

Tonight consists of a lasagna meal and the Olive Garden, back to the room by 7:00, get my race bag and race gear ready for tomorrow and lights out by 9:30. We will be up at 4:00 and to Feedom Park at 5:00. There are 19 waves that will go off about 3 minutes apart. My age group 40-44 has 4 waves. So after all of that, my race will start approx 7:14 am and I should be done between 12:45 and 1:00PM.

signing off for tonight. When the National Anthem is played tomorrow before the cannon goes off this will turn from training to the Playoffs for me or as the saying in our family goes... All Business.... until I am done. I don't know what the day will hand me but I will deal.

More to come later.


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