Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Race Plan

Every Race has a race plan that gets reviewed by my coach to make sure I have thought through the mechanics of race day. If you have no interest on the technical stuff read no further. This is an email that I sent to my coach for review:

First, I don't see how I could do any better than SOMA, it was the perfect race for me, perfect peak, the roads were fast, the swim was solid. With the exception of the heat on the run I guess my run could have been slightly faster. Now with that said, here is my plan:

Swim: at SOMA my pace was 2:03/100 yds. My swimming has improved but waves are a possibility. I would like to think my swimming has improved quite a bit. If I could have a good swim and swim under 1:55 / 100 that would put me in under 40minutes and would be a good (not spectacular) but good time: In Memphis my pace was 1:40/100 which I thought was fast. With all of that said: I think 40 minutes is a good goal time

T1: from reading the blogs T1 is a good distance away from the swim exit. I am going to make my T1 goal 2:30

Bike: My bike at SOMA was 2:44 and the roads were fast. My wattages was 180 watts dead on. In memphis and Quartermax my wattage was right at (or slightly above 200 watts and my legs were good) I think I can push 190 Watts for the 1/2IM and have a solid run. Speed is going to be relative to conditions so the only thing I have to go on is SOMA and Memphis in May(MIM). SOMA I was 20.5 MPH. MIM I was 22.5 so I am going to shoot for 21MPH

Run: I did 8:58 in Memphis it was HOT (as you know and it was not a good run for me) I did 1:58 minutes for my half marathon at SOMA (also hot) so I think I will try an 8:30 pace and when you figure in water stops that will put me 8:45 avg as goal.

Swim: 40 36:31
T1: 2:30
Bike: 190 Watts: 21MPH Bike Time: 2:40 POWER 186 Time 2:50
T2: ??? say 2 minutes
Run: 8:45/mile 1:54 Pace 8:26 Time 1:50

I will be happy with anything better than SOMA, the more better the more happy. The fact that I think I have improved should result in the following:

Total Goal: 5:20 (9 minutes better than SOMA)RACE PREDICTOR MED has me at 5:20 (LOW 5:37 and HIGH 5:01) Seems to make sense, my goal is in line and right in the middle

I will be ecstatic if I do better than 5:20.

Nutrition: Normal race day breakfast and carbs throughout the week. I have tested and will use EFS shots as my main source of nutrition during the race. 400 cals per bottle 1500MG elecorlytes 1000mg amino. I am planing on two bottles on the bike plus water / gatorade
On the run I will have 2 Gus as a backup but plan on taking a 3rd EFS shot for the run. If it is hot, I will have my salt tabs with me in my bento box and will take 6-8 of them if the day is warm.

That is my plan and may change based on race conditions. They are calling for a chance of rain and the lake is borderline wetsuit legal. Both will slow me down.

all for now.


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