Monday, February 1, 2010

Ironman Arizona on CompuTrainer

Yesterday (Sunday) was my long day and the last day of a build week. Jennifer has had me focusing on Tempo Training in all three sports over the past three weeks and I think it has helped. Aerobic workouts only between heavy tempo sessions. I have a "testing" week next week so that will really determine how good it has been. We will see.

Today I had an 1:30 bike scheduled and a 40 minute swim. I didn't have time to get my swim in because my bike felt sooooo good. I jumped on the trainer, turned on 2009Ironmand World Championship, setup the computrainer for IMAZ for a nice long tempo ride. I was feeling really good so instead of stopping at 90 minutes I completed the first loop of IMAZ. If you haven't used the Computrainer before the real course videos are fantastic. If you have to spend time on the "drainer" if you have the option the real videos are the way to go. Obviously it will never replace the road but it does give you a feel for the course and elevation changes so at least the sites and should go a long way to limit any course surprises. If they could only figure out a way to simulate wind, rain, and stupid riders trying to take a leak while riding....... I am sure they are working on that.

Sat in the Hot Tub for 10 minutes and stretched really good and called it a workout out week. Even with not getting my final swim in, I still met my training load at about 8.5 hours this week. My cumulative stress is already in the 40's which is great for it being January. I wasn't at this training level of fitness until July of last year. I need to stay healthy and make sure every workout means something. I also need to start brining my weight down gradually to increase my power/kg. All of that will come in time.... Right now, focus on one week at a time.

All for now...

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