Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Animal, Bee, and Power - Oh My and chased by a dog too!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there and to all of the moms that make us Dads look like competent care givers in the eyes of our kids. We all know the real deal. Seriously though, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

My weekend was filled with my daughter's dance recital. They have it every fathers day weekend and this weekend was no exception. I only counted 4 inappropriate routines and the good news is that my daughter wasn't in any of them. I understand that the older girls have a lot to say in picking the routines but some cross the line. Okay, that is conservative Dad talking.. on to training.

This weekend was busy as always. I got all of my training in this past week culminating with a "simulated race at 1/2 Iron pace". This is a very specific workout to gauge my pace zones and most importantly testing my power output on the bike to make sure my legs don't blow on the run. Here is the description as given to me by Coach Jennifer (

"The purpose of this brick is to make confirm that your race pace on your bike is correct and does not inhibit your run.

Warm up 10 minutes. Bike 40 miles at your estimated race pace (56 mile velocity/power, RPE 14, Zone 3). Quickly transiton to a 5 mile run at race pace (slightly slower than 13.1 mile pace, RPE 14, Zone 3).

If you have trouble holding your running pace we need to readjust bike pacing. Email me the results."

I was dreading this test for some reason. I prepped for it Saturday night after Dance Recital number 1, was up at 6:45 and on the bike by 7:30. Going in my plan was to maintain 190 watts on the bike for 40 miles (2 hours) and then move to the run at sub 9min/mile. Not super fast but something I can maintain for the 1/2IM. Last year at SOMA 1/2IM I pushed 180 Watts and ran 9min/mi so this is a little faster. I loosened up pretty quick and didn't have a huge problem pushing the watts, however, 45 minutes in a looked down and my power readings stopped. I am guessing the battery in my PowerTap located in my rear wheel finally died. I have about 3,000 miles on the PT so it was about time. I then watched my pacing, Heart Rate, and Perceived Effort (PE) for the rest of the ride and finished on feel. I should have been pretty close to 190 but there is no way to tell for sure. So that ocvers the Power part in the subject, I had another animal run between my wheels this time (no harm done) and was stung by a bee that I rode into. It tagged me left of my belly button and got my attention.

When I finished the bike, I quikcly transitioned to the run (all of my run stuff was in the garage). It was 87 degrees when I ran by the church and it was humid and hot. Less than a mile in this lady had her 2 dogs out and both of them saw me and ran straight at me. This is the 3rd time these dogs have done the and I let her know it. I stopped and took three steps towards them which slowed the down, at one point (before she got to them) I really thought one of the dogs was going to bite my arm. I lunged and I put my arm up and thought for sure it was going to bite me. She finally gets there apologizing and yelling at her dogs. I told her this was the third time this has happened and she said the same (insert explative here) and I was pretty sick of her dogs. In the end, other than a few minute distraction and elevated HR I was running again. You want to talk about getting your Heart Rate up! Being chased by two big dogs will do it.

Anyway, other than it being hot and humid the race sim went off without a hitch and per plan. I jumped in the pool as soon as I got home to cool off, ate some lunch with the kids, opened the numerous cards that they drew for me including one by my sone showing he and I as Jedi Knights fighting General Greevious (sp) or something. Kathryn made me some greek yogurt and drew me a picture (that will get it own post - too funny).

Quartermax race as the end of this week and to the bike store to get my powertap looked at.

More to come!


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