Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bird Lady

Since yesterday was my day off from training I figured I would add some levity. My daughter made me a picture on the computer and gave it to me over the weekend while I was on the treadmill. Following my post last week about wondering what kind of impression this is making on my kids and if it is all worth it is still anyones guess, however, based on the picture it is having some sort of impression. It was really touching actually and if I can instill in my kids to never quit I will trade a few month of being busy to that life lesson.

If you see, there is a reference to the bird lady. First, I am not a hater and am all for people working out, however, Here is the story.....

I belong to a local gym and many times, the only way to get a swim in is to use their 25yard lap pool. This pool isn't very big and only has 1 (maybe 2) lap lanes. It is always very crowded with assorted classes, kids etc... Then... there is the bird lady. She is a very nice older woman and always always always uses the lap lane for what I have called.. bird hopping.... Imagine a flamingo standing on one leg with one leg bent, the other on the bottom of the pool. Then imagine that same flamingo hopping on the one leg while pushing the water with its wings over and over and over and over again. The bird lady doesn't do the following: get her hair wet, switch legs, go any less than 70 laps (yes, I said 70), take nothing less than 2 hours, share the lane with anyone, move when swimmers are waiting, and lastly, the bird lady doesn't read the many signs that clearly state the lap lane is for swimming only. Again, she seems very nice and more power to her for working out but it is very frustrating to have a 45 minute window in my day to get a swim in only to walk around the corner and see the bird lady. Keep in mind, since her head is above water the entire time she can do her workout ANYWHERE in the pool but insists on using the lap lane. I guess Rene and I have talked about the bird lady enough that the kids think it is hillarious. so.... the bird lady is immortalized as a part of my IRONMAN training. When I am up to my "you know what" in people on the 2.4M swim I will think of the bird lady.

I will have to get a picture for a later post and I have no idea who this goes to so if the bird lady happens to have a friend of a friend that forwards this to her, please comment and enjoy.

All for now.

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