Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HOT HOT HOT weekend

As most of you know this last weekend was brutal here. 90+ heat with 90% plus humidity and it is amazing to me how much heat and humidity affects outcome of a workout. This weekend was no different.

Saturday I had an 1:45 minute run wich equates to about 11 miles. My weeks have been so busy that I made the mistake of argueing with the alarm clock (something you should never do). I set my alarm to get up early and it just didn't happen. I needed the sleep and against my better judegment, I slept in on Saturday instead of running at 6am like the plan. Well..... I paid for it. I didn't start my run unitl 11:30 and it was brutal. No matter how slow I tried to run, I coulnd't stay cool and my heart rate was through the roof. In the last two years I have never not finished a workout but Saturday was the day. I was able to run for the first 6.5 miles and ran out of water and the heat was brutal. I called Rene, she and the kids came and picked me up and I finshed the remaining 30 minutes on the treadmill. Amazingly enough, no issues once I cooled off.

Learning my lesson from Saturday I had a 3.5 hour ride for Sunday. Rene was a lay reader in church and church was our yearly outdoor service in a local park. Rene had just over a 2 hour ride that she needed to get in. The park happens to be along my long ride route so I was up at 5:30 on the bike by 6:05am. Was able to get my ride in and had it end at the park. Rene was nice enough to bring me shorts and shoes so I arrived at the park, threw on my shorts and shoes, and made it to the outdoor service. I was wearing my St. Louis Tri Club cycling jersey but I don't think GOD cares what I am dressed like. Aside from the funny looks and smell it worked out perfectly. After church, Rene jumped on her bike and got her ride in on the trails and we were both done mid day. We then got our swim in in the back yard while the kids swam in the pool and it worked out pretty good.

This week is another 12 hour week with a few long sessions. I have a full week at work and something going on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. I really need to wrap up a few commitments and I am working hard to do so. It is just really brutal right now.

I have a tempo swim on my lunch hour and a 2 hour run tonight that I had to move to later in the week. KGB has softball practice, NBB has a game, they both have swim lessons at 7:30, in addition, Rene and I both have meetings. We are so fortunate to have involved parents. I will be dropping the kids off and grandparents at each game will get them home.

Somethings gotta give.....soon

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