Friday, June 25, 2010

Twas the night before Quartermax and all through the house...

Tomorrow is a rare Saturday race and only my second of the season. I did Memphis in May a few weeks back. This one one is called Quartermax in Wright City, MO. This is a local favorite and is a challenging event. There are two distances, long and short. I am doing the long distance that is a 1,000 meter lake swim, 28 mile hilly bike and an even hillier 6 mile run. The temps tomorrow are going to be in the low to mid 80's, couple in the humidity and it will be a challenge. The distances aren't horribly long and just to put it in perspective I did a 40 mile bike ride followed with a 5 mile run in training last weekend so add a swim and tomorrow becomes very nicely catered training day with a bunch of friends.

Rene and KGB are at her National Dance Recital competition in Ohio, her team rocked last night and made it to the finals tomorrow. Today they are enjoying a day off at Kings Island amusement park (good for them). NBB and I have been running the house in their absence. Other than a sink full of dishes that I will fix tonight we have had a great time. I have been able to get some nagging projects done around the house. Due to the fact that I have to be on the road to my tri at "the crack of stupid" early tomorrow morning he is spending the night with my parents.

Last year I did this race as my second triathlon ever and it was by far my worst race of the year. To keep it short, it was my worst race but the one where I learned the most and prepped me for the rest of my races including my much longer distances later in the year. I would have traded the day in a minute but not the experience (if that makes sense). Just to keep things in perspective, this is the race that three years ago a very very very rare drowning took place during the swim. Kevin Hunt was only 50 yards from the shore when he was lost. I did not know Kevin but each year since, they have ran a story on it in addition, many people in the tri community knew of the incident. I have swam in lake Aspen several times and there hasn't been a time when I haven't thought of what a horrible accident that was. I know as I stand on the beach tomorrow if they don't have an official moment of silence for he and his family, I will. Please don't misunderstand the tone of my posting other than wanting to pay respect. Things happen and people forget. This is just a quick note that I haven't. Triathlon is a very safe sport but accidents happen. At this tri specfically there are a lot of saftey boats and it is not over crowded. My bigger concern for tomorrow is cramping in the heat and the hills (and getting there on time).

On a much lighter note, I have a pre race brick tonight consisting of a short bike followed by a short run. Then a quick dinner, packing up my gear and checking it like an OCD patient checking the stove to make sure it is off. After about the 10th list review I will try to get some sleep. I never sleep well the night before a tri. That has always been a worry but regardless of the lack of sleep, when the cannon goes off and I am running down the beach shoulder to shoulder with with the other race competitors, I won't be thinking about sleep.

Just to get it on paper prior to the event. My goals for tomorrow are as follows:

Swim: 18:00 minutes (a good swim)
T1: 3:00 minutes
Bike: 1 hour :20 min (a good bike)
T2: 2:00 min
Run: 54 minutes (an okay run, this take the hills into account)
Total: 2 hours: 37 min

My baseline goal is sub 2 hours, 37 minutes. If I am sub 2 hours 33 minutes I will have done very well and exceed at least my goals on 2 of the 3 events. If for some stroke of triathlon genius I cruise and finish sub 2:30 I will have had to rock everything including transitions and will be right up there with my 1/2IM performance. However, as my good friend Rick Hamilton once said on the golf course...."Talk is cheap Butler, let's play!!!"

I will lset you all know how I did tomorrow.


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