Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to normal

Back from the conference and after a horrible week of working out life is back to normal with hopefully not too much of a set back. Monday is typically my day off but yesterday I had to get a swim in so last night after the kids went to bed I was able to get a 40 minute interval swim. This one was tough due to the "5a" interval which basically means 6+ minutes at "all out" pace with 2 minutes of rest in between sets. Repeat this for 40 minutes. I really like this workout because it forces me to focus on form when I start to get tired which is almost immediately. In swmming, sloppy swimming creates exponential drag equates working hard equates tiring out easier etc.... In a nutshell, sloppy swimming is an energy death spiral so workouts like this help control it. The best way to describe this workout is that it is like running 800 meters at the track. You don't start out sprinting but at a very very fast sustainable pace trying to maintain great form the entire time.

I have a 1.5 hour bike ride tonight, it is looking like rain so it may be on the trainer OR I might switch my ride to a run and just deal with it outside. It is so tough to stay inside when the weather is warm. KGB has softball practice tonight and both kids have swim lessons so quick to get home, quick to get the workout started so I can spend some time with the little ones both during and before swim lessons.

More to come this week. It is good to be home!


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  1. Really, good to be home!? I think it was good to be in Vegas! (ok, not workout wise, but in all other ways). Oh well, it was nice for a break, but I missed the kids. Plus, you were starting to be unbearable without working out regularly! :)