Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some time for reflection

This is the end of my last "base" week designed to give me baseline endurance before I start to build for my race. Last evening I had an 1:45 minute swim and a 1.5 hour bike ride. In the 1:45 I was able to swim 6000 yards which is now the new farthest I have ever swam. It is hard to believe that two years ago I couldn't swim down and back in a 25 yard pool. My point is not to be boastful but just the opposite. Anyone can due this, it just take focus, desire and to be as consistent as possible. I hear from many people "I could never do that" and that is what they say but what they really mean is that "I don't want to do that". Anyone is capable.

Anyway, I have a long brick work out tomorrow that will be a 4.5 hour ride immediately followed by a 1 hour run. Again, when I started I struggled to run 10 minutes. Neither one will be fast but I will get them done and anyone considering getting into shape or setting a goal to run a 5k or whatever, I would be happy to help in anyway that I can. This journey has really changed my life for the better.

Sorry for the weird post this time but on this beautiful Saturday morning a little reflection never hurts anyone.

All for now

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  1. at this point, I hope your ride/run has gone or is going well...I am just amazed, seriously. You are a machine!!!! I would love to see your training schedule up until November...since I haven't been in the office lately, I haven't gotten to ask you person to person how things are going and your blogs help but I really enjoyed seeing your training on your Iphone at the Simmon's dinner awhile back!!! Sometime maybe!
    Hope your workout goes well, it was a hot one today!!!
    Have a good rest of your weekend!