Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tough week

"This is the "meat" of Ironman program. Long runs, Long bikes and long swims. Some intensity has been added as well. I know it is tough to get these long workouts in when the weather is not cooperating. Do your best."

I had mentioned last week that my workouts were changing. When I get a note (as I did this week) in my training log from my coach that reads like you see above, you know you are in for it.

Last night I had an 1:45 minute run. It was much too hot to do outside so Rene rode the bike, I ran, and we watched America's got Talent on TV until 10:00 at night. Two things came to mind:

1 - Date night has changed forever
2 - I truly question how much talent America has

This week is going to be tough but the challenges are what prep me for November. Along with another 80 minutes swim, a 5 hour bike ride, and some really long "short" workouts it is going to be a tough week!

It is all good though, for sure! More to come....


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