Friday, August 13, 2010


I can't begin to convey the relief following Deborah's doctor visit and scan yesterday. The short of it is that she had been having and is having some problems with her urinary tract. Based upon what was happening, the doctors said it was indicative of tumor growth on the spinal column and was prepping Bart and Amy for those results. Following many tests yesterday, a complete scan the doctors reported back yesterday afternoon that there is no growth and the scan is "clean". Click on the link above for Amy's full report.

There are still issues the doctors will work through as there will be challenges for a long time to come, however, talking to Bart this morning their spirits are high and if for the rest of us, we ever need to frame our challenges just repeat these words.... It is not Cancer..... Deborah has challenges but she is Cancer free. The doctors can now focus on working through solving her urinary tract problems. With each successful "clean" scan her chances of beating this horrible disease get slightly better.

Please take a minute and read her post and if you haven't done so send the family a message. It doesn't matter if you know the family or not, they appreciate your prayers and well wishes.

On a much much much lighter note, I was able to swim 4,000 yards over lunch. For you homegamers that is 160 - 25 yeard lengths in a standard lap pool. That equates to the farthest I have ever swam. I have a short 1:15 minute ride tonight and a 5 hour ride this weekend on Sunday with workouts in between. Again, very very insignicant following the Olney's news yesterday.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!!!!

All for now


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