Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesdays update

I am sitting at my son's football practice and figured I would send an update.

After having Sunday off following lake St Louis I juggled my long run scheduled for tonight to last night .... Make sense? My workout was for a 1:45 minute run with the first hour 15 aerobic with the last 30 minutes pushing into "tempo" that is tri speak for faster. After a race and my self induced few days off due to fatigue last week I was feeling amazingly good last night The weather was nice, Rene and the kids were at football so I took off for a run in the country. I was feeling so good I turned it into 2 hours and just enjoyed the low humidity and semi fresh legs. I was able to push 8.5 to 9 minute miles at the end (not great but not bad). The most important thing is that the 13 miles felt good (thanks weather). Got home, jumped in the pool to cool off, hot tub to stretch, shower and then bed.

Tonight is strength for 30 minutes. I have a tough hill climb workout tomorrow night so a bit of recovery for that is good because the arthritis (or torn meniscus) in my left knee is a little sore tonight. The first thing after the ironman is a visit to the ortho to get it looked at. It is probably just my birthdate causing the pain but it hurts too consistently to let it go.

More to come, all for now


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  1. Sounds like a good run!!! Wow, 2 hours...that is impressive...Always love to read your updates on your training, I find it all very interesting. Keep the updates coming...
    I appreciate you (and Rene) more than you know.