Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beginning of the season testing

This is an off week however off doesn't mean easy. My coach has me doing three weeks of build and then one lighter week. Periodically, those lighter weeks are used for testing and that testing is designed to see where I am at in my training and basically the effects of the build weeks. Although my overall training hours are lighter (5-6) for th week the tests are pretty intense.

The swim test: this one is actually easy in comparison to the bike and the runs. It consists of warm-up, doing a fast 50 then a fast 100 all out to see how much creep I have between the two. Obviously the more consistent my 100 is to my 50 shows that I can swim at a high effort with little degregation in stoke / efficiency. I was able to do my 50 in 40 seconds (down 5 from last time) and my 100 at 1:29 (also down 5 seconds) however it also shows that I have a long way to go becaus the creep is still there.

Run Test: 2 miles as fast as I can go = SUCKS
I don't run all out other than the occasional workout that includes pickups. Then to do it for 2 miles is pretty brutal. The weather was cold and that ended up being a good thing. My legs are not used to 8 laps on a track after a warmup. The results were all right, I was hoping to get in the sub 7 min/mile range but couldn't do it. My average min/mile was 7:20ish with a negative split on my second mile. Not bad but again, I have a long way to go. I have come a long way but with it begin early in the season, I feel good about where I am at relative to last year at this time.

My focus after vacation is dropping my weight from 175 (as of this morning) to under 170. The goal is to maintain my power while having less to push on the bike or keep moving forward on the run. I haven't been minding my diet as well as I should and eating some junk. Just for you home gamers, I am not dieting, I am just eating less junk and more food that will give me efficient energy, basically the 4 food groups.

Today I have meetings and an easy bike ride tonight after my evening meeting. More tests tomorrow.

All for now.

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