Thursday, February 18, 2010


Soooo my daughter has baskeball practice on Tuesday night and while they are meeting I decide to shoot some baskets. No biggie right. I start taking some jump shots and after about my 10th one I feel my a SHARP pain on the inside of my left knee. My left knee has always given me problems since a soccer injury 15 years ago and I suspect that one day I will have to get it scoped.

I was able to get into my GP yesterday and she pushed, tugged, pulled and tells me that it has "no instability in the joint" That is great news. However, I can't run for a week. I can swim and bike but no running. She thinks it is a strain but doesn't believe there is any damage. However, she says that if it is not 100% in a week she will get an MRI.

I was able to ride the bike for 70 minutes last night and swim today with little pain. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Derailed training is the last thing that I need.

I have a run tonight I will not be doing so I will ride the bike.

Happy Training


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