Thursday, February 4, 2010

A day of rest..........

Wednesday -

Up at 4:45 to be at work by 6:00. I didn't get to see the family this morning but getting ready to go on our family cruise with our good friends the Swanson's and Barton's. The Swanson where planned since day one and the Barton's decided to go later to our pleasant surprise. We are really looking forward to it and hoping for warm weather and calm seas.

Had a nice and easy 40 minute aerobic ride on the trainer. Nothing too severe, more to stretch out after my hard run yesterday.

I signed us up for a family membership to the St. Louis Tri Club including the kids! They both have 1 tri under their belt so why not. I also signed Acropolis up for a sponsorship so our logo will be on all of the gear!

I have a 30 minute swim at noon (nice and easy) and another run test tongight (4 mile top of HRZ 2). I had a nice conversation with coach yesterday to go over some test results and discuss schedule. I was able to pull 45 seconds off of my 2 mile test which is fantastic since I last performed this test on 12/1. It shows I have a chance of hitting my IM goal of sub 12 hours with an incredible race. My goal is to finish but I want to finish strong if I do finish. The fact it is not out of the realm of possibility is a good sign.

Also we discussed the possibility of doing the Go St. Louis marathon since the 1/2 marathon is closed. She rightfully talked me through it and pointed out studies that show the muscle recovery time following a full marathon is weeks of not running and by running after a marathon without full recovery can impact performance. In light of that fact and knowing I would not give sufficient time to recover I passed. My goal is IMAZ and everything else is a means to that end. I can do marthons later.

All for now, time to swim

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