Monday, February 22, 2010

Tens Unit is the best!

My knee is getting better but as of yesterday was still in pain especially when I straighten it. The fact that I moved my bedroom furuniture into the new room and had girl scout bowling with KGB yesterday didn't help.

Workout update: Jennifer ( removed all of my runs this last week from my schedule. Saturday was a light day with a zone 2 swim. The swim went easy and it felt good. I have been doing speed work for the last two months with very little endurance type swimming. It felt good to swim fro 30 minutes straight if for nothing else to reassure me I can still swim good distances. The best parts is that the speed work has paid off. My average time/100 was 1:51 average. That is down from 2:05/100. I am still not fast but shaving almost 14 seconds off per 100 average is pretty good I think. On Sunday I had a 1:15 bike and a 15 minute run. The bike felt good and although I was on the trainer I was able to watch the olympics (yeah for sunday coverage) Just to see where my knee was, I tried a slow jog on the treadmill. after about 2 minutes I realized this was a bad idea and stopped. Very discouraged, I really question whether or not I will meet my 1 week 100% better per the doctor.

Sunday afternoon I went to Girl Scout Father/Daughter bowling with KGB. I know whe had been looking forward to this. She broke my heart this last week when she said to mom "I don't think daddy really wants to go bowling with me. He doesn't seem that excited" Almost killed me. This has been a very busy and stressful time and I need to do a better job of shielding my family from it. This is something that I constantly struggle with and just need to work harder at it. I am about as mentally busy as I have ever been and it is important that I keep work/training stresses seperate. The fact is, I was looking forward to spending time with KGB and we have always said we would do more things just she and I. She is growing up soo fast and making that time a priority, especially right now while she is developing her "filter" of the world is as important now as ever.

As much as I was enjoying spending time with my daughter, my knee was not enjoying the experience. Bowl = pain. A friend of mine Dan Vetter (the same guy I was shooting baskets with) is also a chiropracter (Vetter Chiropractic). He is a pretty knowledgeable guy on most subjects and is always a wealth of information. He suggested that I use one of his portable "stem" machines like chiropractors use in their office. Can I say that this is one of the greatest inventions ever. After using it last night for a few hours off and on, I woke up this morning with NO KNEE PAIN - zip, nada, nothing..... The unit is so small it fits in my pocket and as I sit here writing this I am using it right now underneath my clothes. He tells me they are pretty reasonable to purchase. It runs on a 9 volt battery and let me tell you, it has more power than I will ever need. I accidetnally turned it up and it almost dropped me to the ground. It works and I may be running this week if my improvement continues. I don't know how it works but I can't argue with the results.

Today I have a full day but fortunately only a swim is scheduled.

More to come!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works!!!

Tracy Butler

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