Thursday, March 11, 2010


Okay, I know I am a Tri technology FanBoy. I understand my shortcomings and unfortunately, if technology (or bizarro technology in this case) that logically makes sense I have to admit, I am a sucker for. So........ the Virbram 5 finger is now in my life. I really can't call this technology because it is basically like slapping a piece of rubber on your bare feet and running.... Your toes go into each "finger" and it like running well.... bare foot.

I have been reading born to run, learning Pose from my running coach and the more read the more natural running makes sense. Today I picked up a pair of 5 fingers and went for a 4 miler. It reached nearly 70 degrees today so it was a great day for a run. I took my typical route and after I realized that I really needed to watch for rocks to avoid stone bruises it was a great run. You can't fake pose in these shoes. The best part... my knee was perfect after and during the run. I averaged sub 9 and felt great.

I am sure tomorrow my calves and feet will be sore. The wresting match getting the damn things on will improve and I really hope I never get a rock in the one of the "toe fingers".

Again, I am trying to remain unbiased about the purchase that run was probably one of the best I have had. It could be the first nice day in a long time. It could have been that I had zero knee pain, it could have been anything. I am remaining cautious but for a first run in brand new shoes this has been the best break in run I have ever had.

Time will tell. If nothing else, they are great Pose trainers.

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