Monday, March 15, 2010

Sore..... YEAH

I had a great training weekend. Here is the breakdown

Friday I had to sneak a bike in between work and an event at KGB and NBB's school. I was able to get it in, take a quick shower and sprint out of the door.

Saturday was "I AM A DUMBASS DAY" I had a 30 minute swim and a 40 minute run right.... Rene and I coordinated schedules because she had to get some training in too. I took my Vibrams for run number 2 on a hilly route and it was awesome. The base of my legs are soo sore from the new forced running style but NO PAIN anywhere else. The soreness is muscle soreness and is the good kind of sore. I was able to maintain a great pace and again, other than the occasional rock the Vibrams were perfect. NO KNEE PAIN!!! Other than looking like a dork, I can see using these and my racing flats for the majority of my running. I can tell my running POSE is much better and much more on the balls of my feet. I just need to build muscle strength in my lower legs and I can see improving speed. Time will tell but regardless, my legs are really sore.

So, here is the DUMBASS portion of my run. I get him and log my run only to see that I had a 75 minute run not a 40 so, with Rene gone, I went downstairs and finished on the treadmill. No harm done but it pays to look at your workouts.

Sunday was a 2 hour ride on the drainer. It wasn't that bad. I was able to finally watch Dean Karnazas 50 marathons in 50 days.... Truly amazing and inspring story. He is a machine and it just goes to show... you expect a little, that is exactly what you will get. If you expect a lot, you will get that too. It may take some work but it is just as easy to expect a lot as it is to expect a little. Don't settle and know that most people limit themselves versus circumstances limiting them.

Rene and I had dinner with Coach Jennifer and her husband Doug. We had a great time and laughed a lot. We were literally two of the last tables in the restaurant. The stories were hillarious and we had a great time.

Time to get to work....

More to come


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