Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My wifes bike is sweeeet

My wife has a Trek that she purchased last year as an all around bike for riding / triathlon. It is by no means a tri specific bike but a good entry level bike. I had to take my bike into the shop yesterday for a pre season tune up plus a few minor issues that have developed over the off season. Upon checking it in, the trainer has worn my rear tire out, I need to replace a shift cable and replace the chain. With all of that, it wasn't ready yesterday for my ride last night so either I shuffle a run or use Rene's bike.

She was gracious enough to let me use hers. I haven't ridden a standard bike since purchasing my Quintana Roo Tri bike in 2008. I threw my Garmin in my cycling Jersey and took off. Other than the fact that the bike is setup for her and not me it was a good ride. It is soo different riding upright versus aero. I could really feel it in my glutes which was a welcome change and I need to incorporate more standard riding into my off season regimen. Being upright in the wind sure changes things a bit.

Tonight I have a 1 hour Tempo run that I am going to get in after work and before my standing Wednesday night meeting. I am going to use my Vibram's and see how it goes. If I am feeling "spunky" as my coach calls it I really want to push a bit tonight. A lot might change between now and then so we will see.

Swim and ride tomorrow, swim and Run on Friday. The weather right now is perfect with highs in the low 70's.

I am going to stop at the local bookstore today and pickup a book on nutrition. I realize that if I can get my traning and continue to increase my CTL (cumulative training load) in WKO near 100 while dropping 10 pounds between now and IMAZ while staying injury free should result in both faster bike and run splits. The book I am pickin up is "Racing Weight, How to get lean for peak performance". We will see how it goes but it looks like a light read and has some focus on triathletes.

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