Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brutal Next few days

It is Wednesday morning and I am looking at my calendar for the next couple of days. The weather is beginning to turn and I was able to get an 1.5 hour ride in last night OUTSIDE! It was allright, not great but all right. I pushed and averaged 183 watts power according to the PowerTap but my speed just wasn't where I thought it should be. My ratio of power:HR for the ride was a litte under 6% which shows that I didn't degrade much during the ride (the goal is less than 5%. Also it appears my pacing was solid throughout the ride with a VI of 1.04. VI is the ratio between normalized power/average power. A VI of 1.0 means perfect pacing according to Joe Friel. The ride had some hills along with a lot of rollers and even a bit of wind on the way back to I am happy with this result so early in the season. I am on a quest for more power but I know the road to more power is getting a bit leaner while maintaining muscle. Nutrition will be my focus as my training amps up of the next few months. I stepped on the scale this morning and was 174. I raced SOMA last year at 172 and would love to be in the 165 range for IMAZ. I think that is reasonable when I look at my Annual Training Plan (ATP)

Now on to the topic - Scheduling:

Today I have a one hour temp run. By itself not a big deal but a full day of work (in at 6 off at 3), a meeting with one of our contractors as soon as I get home at 4:00, then off to a church meeting that starts at 6:00 and will run til 8. Home by 8:30 and hopefully on the treadmill running til 9:30-9:45. I can never sleep immediately after working out but I hope tonight is the exception.

Tomorrow I have a 45 minute swim and a 1.5 hour bike ride. Tomorrow is my later day at work (7 off at 4). Rene has masters class tomorrow so she is up early. I have another church meeting tomorrow night and these normally run over so working out after will not be an option. Sooooo... here is the schedule

Up and on the bike at 4am - 5:30 - showered and out the door at 6am to be at work by 7. Swim at noon then the rest of the day is mine... except for my meeting that will go on FOREVER.

Good thing Friday is easy with a 1 hour run and Rene's Parents anniversary party Friday night!......

This is tough but as expected... As I mentioned to my children this morning while we "virtually" had breakfast together following KGB comment that "Dad, you will be running til midnight" I reminded her (more for myself than her) was that nothing worthwhile is easy.... This is definately getting harder both mentally and physically... I sure hope the end justifies the means...

I probably will not write for a couple of days but we will see how it goes...

Until next time
Tracy Butler

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