Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flashbacks to a previous life

It has been a little bit since my last post. This has been because I was out of town at a busness meeting. It was a nice break since my knee is not yet 100% and the little bit of extra rest was nice.

Rene was able to meet me at the Doral Golf and Spa Resort in Miami. It was very nice and the CA World Championship Golf Tournament is this week. My meeting was with 11 other companies like mine including by brother Brad, my good friends the Leonards, Swansons and David Tan. It was nice and busy. They are all golfers so this is really the only time that I golf anymore (hence my previous life reference) and it was nice because we were one of the last groups before the 50 best golfers in the world play on the "Blue Monser" this week. It was amazing to watch the production that hosting a major PGA tour stop involves.

I golfed like crap but the company was good. I was able to get in two bike rides about 50 minutes each on the stationary and run 2 hours. No swims because there wasn't a place to do it. However, I am glad to be back! I had my first out door run in awhile yesterday and it was nice. There is a 1.1 mile loop through Shaw Park right next to my office and will serve as my lunch time running route during the Summer.

The knee is still a little tender and affects my gate but not the worst pain I have ran with for sure. No one ever said this would be easy and I just need to intelligently work through it. I have a swim today at noon and nothing tonight. Rene and I are having dinner with Coach Jennifer and husband Doug and we are really looking forward to it. I just feel like I have soooo far to go and I know I have lost conditioning since my peak. I really need my knee to get better so I can push a bit. I see my WKO blue line (conditioning indicator) sinking and although I know it is base building season it still bothers me.

All for now, time to swim....


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