Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vibrams' Round 3

Just a quick note today...

I had a 1 hour Tempo run last night and did my run in my Vibram's and again, no knee pain. It is amazing to me how self correcting these shoes are. At the slightest sign of pain, I auto correct and the pain goes away. I am becoming a big fan of the fact that my legs know what they need and a more natural form of running is pain free (so far). The run was a good pace and aside from a little soreness under my big toe on one foot and my little toe on the other no blisters.

I have been exchanging emails with Coach Jennifer around my Annual Training Plan, hours, and what to expect as my training ramps up. She has been great and I can't argue with the results thus far so I need to trust my training and keep focused during my workouts. I also was able to talk to my buddy Mike Montoya in New Mexico last night. He is prepping for St. George, going to Colorado for a laser bike fit and is generally nailing it. He is doing IMAZ with me in the fall and probably one of the most dedicated triathletes that I know.

Today I have several meetings so I can't workout at lunch and have an 1:15 minute ride tonight before my meeting at church.

All for now


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